Dakota Christiansen (picture to come)


Dakota is enrolled at North Idaho College studying Biomedical Sciences. Attention to detail, coupled with a desire to serve others, led him to a career in executive protection and security.  Dakota spent the last several years as the Operations Manager of a local business where he spent much of his time mentoring young adults as they formed a dependable work ethic. Dakota’s long-term career plan is to be a Physician’s Assistant in a local family practice.

Dakota felt compelled to work for Innercept because of the direct contact he gets, in his role as a mentor, with the students. He recognizes that his daily fulfillment comes from helping others learn the skills they need to be successful in pursuing their own achievements. Dakota is driven to making his dreams a reality, which includes supporting others to making their dreams also come to fruition.

Dakota is certified in Wilderness Survival and finds his solace in the backcountry. Dakota is a very active outdoorsman and enjoys hunting. Accepting responsibilities within his church is a great source of contentment and joy in his life.