Jason Schilling, BS, CDP, NCACI

Team Manager, Team Earth Young Adult Transition

Jason’s involvement in addiction treatment started in the summer of 2000 when his own personal journey of recovery began. After over a decade of battling addiction, Jason entered his third treatment center and invested in the principles and practices of recovery. From early on, he discovered the power and benefit of helping others in their own quest for a new life and sought opportunities to serve people struggling with addiction whenever possible. Since 2004, Jason has been working at one of the most reputable addiction treatment centers in the country. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Religion and has earned his Nationally Certified Addiction Counselor credential with the National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors.

For the last 10 years, Jason has helped thousands of people with almost as many differences but one common quest – a life of meaning and purpose. During this time, he has learned and practiced a variety of different counseling theories and approaches and maintains a conviction and passion for the Integral, person centered, treatment that places extreme importance on trust and rapport with his clients. Innercept is as excited to bring his passion to our newest program as he is to expanding beyond the traditional 28 day treatment model; “Twenty eight days offers a great foundation”, he says, “and Integral Recovery is the structure to build on that foundation.”