Joe Wassif, PhD

Clinical Director, Intensive/Clinical Psychologist

Joe Wassif is a licensed psychologist who has been working with adolescents and young adults for the past 14 years.  Beginning as a field guide at a wilderness therapy program in Georgia, he readily saw the transformative power and creativity found in residential care.  Later acquiring both a master’s degree in Outdoor Education and in Counseling he was able to capitalize on multisensory interventions to improve self-concept, interpersonal processes and decision-making skills of his clients.   Joe has assisted many individuals as they transition into adulthood by helping address issues of substance abuse, depression, anxiety, ADHD, aggression, personality disorders, and mood deregulation.  In the past several years, Joe has developed a specialty in the treatment of trauma having focused on the topic for his dissertation and acquiring certificate in cognitive processing therapy while working for the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center.

Joe was attracted to Innercept because the program model mirrors his own values and philosophy of mental health. He likes that Innercept’s program focuses on the individual’s life enhancement and not only on symptom reduction.  Joe appreciates that Innercept has such a variety of specialists to assess the residents.  He is enthusiastic about working in an environment that offers multiple tracks for the residents in which they can function in the least restrictive environment appropriate.

Having lived most of his life on the east coast, Joe has been experimenting with all the west has to offer: fly fishing, back country skiing, and rafting. Having been a member of the Penn State Cycling Team, any opportunity to be on two wheels is a good day.