Nancy Powers, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Nancy Powers is a licensed psychologist in both California and Idaho. She has been in private practice for fifteen years, providing services to people faced with mental and physical health challenges: chronic and terminal illnesses including end of life issues as well as individuals desiring to change lifestyle practices to optimize their overall health status and quality of life. She has worked closely with physicians and medical and mental health providers in primary and specialized care environments: internal medicine, family medicine, cardiology, nephrology, and surgery. In so doing, she has conducted health and behavioral assessments and interventions to patients and their families, to potential candidates for bariatric surgery over the course of treatment [pre-surgery, weight loss and maintenance stages], to nephrology patients suffering from and nearing end stage renal disease, many of whom require life-sustaining treatments: dialysis or transplantation.

She enjoys servicing patients, families and caregivers in offering specialized and coordinated care to individuals over their lifespan. She provides behavioral health assessments and interventions to patients within primary and specialized care: [internal and family medicine, nephrology, cardiology and surgery].

Dr. Powers has also been involved in research including outcome studies and analyses of behavioral health interventions.

She has extensive experience both in private practice and mental and medical health settings.

She received her training at the C.G. Jung Institute where she provided mental health services at the James Whitney Clinic to people seeking treatment for bipolar disorders, depression, anxiety, OCD, trauma, eating, dissociative and personality disorders. This depth psychological approach helped many realize significant benefits in many of the challenges with which they were faced.

Dr. Powers received her BA at UC Berkeley, MA at JFK University, and her MS and doctorate degree in clinical psychology at Pacific University which offered a scientist-practitioner model where research and clinical training were integrated. She was involved in research projects at Stanford University and clinical placements in school settings, mental health clinics and private practice. Research includes her honor’s thesis: Fat and Female: an anthropologic analysis of body size, weight and gender across cultures; her Master’s thesis: The Severed Triangle: Keeping Artificial Insemination by Donor a Secret looking at the impact this had within family systems; her doctoral dissertation looked at differences in anxiety among pediatric dental patients when providers wore clear versus opaque personal protective face masks.

Dr. Powers joined Innercept to be a part of a team that offers an integrative approach in caring for residents and their families. She has a passion for understanding the mind-body-spirit connections in realizing mental and physical health and well being. The ILP philosophy and practical application of therapeutic lifestyle practices are consistent in her style of offering hope and healing to individuals, families and communities.