Patrick Dundas, M.Ed.


Patrick graduated with his Bachelor Degree in Communications from Washington State University in 2004 with an emphasis in Broadcast News and Production. This led to a number of opportunities in the broadcast industry including both radio and television. Patrick successfully worked as a video editor, producer and radio host until an economic shift brought on a career change and he began working with adults that had developmental disabilities. It was during this change, coupled with the fact that his father was also a teacher and source of inspiration, Patrick realized his passion for teaching and began to pursue and complete a Master’s Degree in Education from Grand Canyon University, with an emphasis in Special Education.

Patrick joined Innercept shortly after graduating and now serves as a Teacher in the Adolescent and Young Adult Classrooms. Patrick takes time to focus on each individual student and is excited at the opportunity to assist them in reaching their full potential. He appreciates the design of the Innercept classroom and that it provides for creative ways to help students reach a level of confidence that is otherwise not accessible in a traditional classroom experience.

In his free time, Patrick loves spending quality time with his wife and children and continues to have an interest in radio and music production as a hobby in the community.