Rick Croyle

Lead Staff

Rick has a rich background in pastoral ministry. After graduating with a BA in Biblical Studies he served for 6 years as an Associate Pastor.  During that time, he led several compassion based outreach missions in the United States and abroad.  Along with his wife and two young children, Rick traveled to the sites of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Ike to help communities rebuild.  Rick’s service also took him to Honduras where he partnered with parents to allow their “trash dump kids” to attend school and with his team provided medical outreach services.

Rick was introduced to Innercept by an Innercept employee who was assisting program residents volunteer in the community and Rick decided he wanted to join the Innercept team. To state that he “likes to help people” doesn’t fully grasp his personality. Rick is passionate about being attentive, empathetic, caring and listening to the unspoken word of others.

Rick’s spare time is focused on volunteer activities at his church and spending time with his family.
One of his more recent accomplishments was being the volunteer project leader for a “market -feel” food bank for the community.
  Rick feels it is important to help people maintain their dignity during challenging times.