Sarah Halley, Culinary Lead

Sarah has been in the industry for over the past twenty years. She is a self-taught individual who loves to cook. I enjoy the benefits that people get from eating food, from the presentation, to the nutrients in the food, to the outcomes. Her past experiences include being a supervisor at multiple establishments with very different foods. Sarah has worked side by side with chefs who have taught her techniques and knowledge that she still utilizes today. Her feeling is that food is power in a sense, and it is very important for people to know what they’re eating.

Being able to weave her past experiences into what she does here at Innercept is very rewarding to Sarah, who is well liked and respected by both the students and staff. Showing the residents how to prepare their own meals and help them to get a better understanding of using food as medicine makes Sarah an integral part of the treatment team at Innercept.

Sarah is from New Hampshire and has lived in the Coeur d’Alene area for almost nine years. She moved here from the Seattle area. She is a mother of three beautiful girls that she loves dearly. They enjoy spending time together and doing fun activities like hiking, fishing, and swimming.