Tyler Sea

Program Manager, Young Adult Transition

Tyler joined Innercept in February of this year and comes from “the great state of Kentucky!!” as he so enthusiastically puts it any, and everytime he is asked about his origins. He moved to the area with his wife a year ago to start their family amongst the trees and mountains of the calming Pacific Northwest.

Tyler began working with young adults and adolescents after high school. First he volunteered with his local church youth ministry, and then he continued as a staff member teaching graphic design, and television production to adolescents. After this experience, Tyler decided to spend time focusing on better understanding himself and moved to Kansas City, MO. While living in Kansas City Tyler found his love for exercise science, nutrition, and neurology.  But it was only after visiting Coeur d’Alene with his soon to be wife, that Tyler realized the powerful connection between the peace and tranquility of the created outdoors and the ability to focus the mind through exercise and a toxin free lifestyle.

Soon after moving to Idaho Tyler joined the Innercept team. He truly believes in the vision of Innercept, and is excited to work with a company that has expanded the idea of residential therapy into a comprehensive and functional model that encourages theraputic lifestyle changes for both residents and staff.

Outside of work Tyler loves spending time with his wife, and is a podcast and audiobook enthusiast. He spends hours learning all he can about Neurodiversities while making art with his wife. They also enjoy hiking, boating, fishing, and just being amongst creation.

Tyler has made plans to return to academia to pursue a degree in nutrition and kinesiology in hopes to better understand the link between the effect of exercise and nutrition on the mental health community.