Tyler Sea

Team Manager, Team Sky Young Adult Transition

Tyler started his career in youth ministry and earned his associates degree in Biblical Studies from the International School of Ministry. Some of Tyler’s diverse employment opportunities through the ministry included working with youth to produce a local television show as well as graphic design production for ministry publications.  Part of Tyler’s success with Innercept students is attributed to the compassion based de-escalation training he received while working as a security guard at an international ministry.

Tyler truly believes in the vision of Innercept, and is excited to be working for a company that has expanded the idea of residential therapy into a comprehensive and functional model that encourages therapeutic lifestyle changes for both residents and Innercept staff.

Tyler is an avid walker and is frequently seen walking with the residents to and from the library or North Idaho College. Tyler openly shares that he has ADHD and understands the struggle that many of the Innercept residents are experiencing. He is very enthusiastic about helping others find and develop their own inner resources and routines that will help them achieve their own personal satisfaction and success in life.