Mentoring Services


Mentoring students at Innercept is a service that takes a collaborative effort with the student, family and treatment team. Mentors come from a variety of backgrounds (i.e. licensed therapists, nurses) and work to provide a flexible framework of support for students needing added support for specific issues such as academics, social skills, etc. on a one-to-one basis.  Some mentoring occurs within the structure of the regular programming, as is the case with some Aftercare and Guided Young Adult Programs, and some can occur as a service necessary for a student to ensure success in a specific area without the cost of regression into a more intensive phase of programming.  Mentors establish a therapeutic bond with the students they serve and that rapport propels the student’s progress forward.


  • Encourage positive communication & feedback among staff, residents and families
  • Work hard; work together
  • Create order out of chaos – inside and outside
  • Everyone has something to contribute; everyone has the right to be heard
  • Maintain a physically and emotionally safe environment
  • Encourage others to explore their dreams and actualize their potential