Amy Leavitt

Environment of Care Manager

Amy Leavitt graduated from San Diego Masters Commission
through Global University where she studied biblical theology, world religions,
healthy relationship building, pastoral care and music. She has a background in
customer service with more than 8 years of experience in business and people
management in diverse environments, including retail and the airline industry.

Amy enjoys serving in both her local and global communities.
During her time in San Diego she was asked to go abroad twice and help
facilitate school assemblies throughout England and in Jamaica.  Throughout her professional career she has always
set aside time for volunteering as a tutor/mentor in public and private
schools, children’s summer camps, young adult programs and church youth group
settings. In 2013, Amy brought her skill set to Innercept supporting admissions
and the programs in a variety of capacities. She has a genuine desire to help
students and their families during a process where they are weighing delicate
and difficult decisions of change.

In her free time Amy enjoys time spent outdoors
in a wide array of activities such as hiking, golfing, boating, camping, skiing
and biking. She also loves attending any kind of live sporting event,
especially football.