Diana Kelsey, LCPC


Diana has been a resident of the CDA area for 21 years. In 1997 when her daughters were 7 and 9 she decided to pursue a career outside the home. Diana initially began teaching pre-school, where she worked with children ages 4-5 teaching early academic skills and writing daily curriculum’s.  During this time she found myself involved with many children of families with a mixture of mental illness, drug addiction and abusive relationships. With this experience, she soon decided and wanted to be more involved in a solution to the problems she saw, which inspired her to go back to school.

From 2001 to 2007, she completed her Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology and Masters of Education in Community Counseling/Vocational Rehabilitation, both through the satellite program at the University of Idaho here in CDA.

During her coursework she took great interest in learning about the co-morbidity of mental illness and substance abuse and the impact on the individual as well as the family and friends of those individuals. She also has a strong focus in working with children and adolescents who are diagnosed with RAD and PTSD.

After completion of her BS degree, she started in the mental health field working in both residential and out-patient settings, teaching social and basic living skills to adults and children. After completion of her masters degree, she began providing individual and family counseling to individuals and families impacted by abuse, addiction, and other co-occurring mental health disorders.

In her personal time she loves to spend time outdoors, camping, gardening, and other home projects. She also loves spending a great deal of time with her family and friends while participating in activities including running, hiking, weightlifting, and attending community events.