Jesús Quintero, M.A.

Director of Transition Programming

During Jesús Quintero’s 22 years of international and intercultural experiences, he has worked as an educator and director with companies and institutions in over 16 countries around the globe.  Jesús earned his Maestro en Arte Dramatico degree at the renowned Escuela del Teatro Libre as well as studied law and music in his home country of Colombia.  Jesús has been a faculty member at several universities throughout the world. Some of his greatest accomplishments have been obtained through his passion for theatre. For Jesús, his extensive involvement in theatre has given him the ability to understand the complexities of the human being. He has used this experience to bring healing to those around him.

In his own words, Jesús is passionate about finding the potential in everyone and especially with people who are struggling to connect with others.  Jesús was instrumental in opening the Miami Theater Center where, among many projects, Jesús developed special education programs for children and adults. At his departure, the program had grown to serving thousands of people.  In addition, Jesús has created programs of inclusion where people who are visual impaired or deaf experience and present theatre in unique and creative ways.

After many years of international spotlight with his work, Jesús decided to relocate his young family to the sanctuary of the northwest, which led him to several years of service as a Director at a therapeutic boarding school.  Jesús embraces reinventing himself and found the opportunity to join Innercept in alignment with his own values of diversity and holistic connection.

English, Spanish, and Portuguese are languages of daily use in the Quintero household. Jesús coaches soccer for little league and serves as the Artistic Director of the International School of Theatre Practice, the American Lab Theatre.