Kristen Dysart

Lead Staff

Kristen began working for Innercept in the role of Stable Direct Care Staff to pursue her passion of wanting to help others.  She stayed in this position for approximately 6 months and then chose to move up to Stable Lead Staff. She was pursued for this position by another lead staff due to her drive and hard work.  She accepted the position and later went from Stable Lead to Adolescent Lead in hopes to help younger residents learn structure and discipline that they would carry with them for use in their adult lives.  Being in this position she has greatly appreciated the opportunity that she has been given to learn and grow with each new experience. She spends her days positively influencing the adolescents based off of her growing knowledge in hopes to help them learn and grow themselves.

Before working at Innercept, Kristin had graduated West Valley High School out of Yakima, WA. While in school, she was also participating in the ROTC program and had gone to many rifle competitions, all while winning awards. She went all the way to nationals and had placed second.  She also competed in rodeos from the age of 12 up to the age of 25 as well as being a part of the Future Farmers of America. It was during her time in ROTC and FFA that she realized her passion for wanting to help those that needed it.