Michael Botnick, LCSW

Group Therapist, Part time

Michael Botnick was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. He received his Baccalaureate Degree in Social Work from Colorado State University in 1972 and his Master’s Degree In Social Work from West Virginia University in 1974. Michael is a long time resident of the Pacific North West having lived in our community for nearly 50 years. He was the Director of Consultation and Education Services for Region I and III Mental Health Services before becoming the Clinical and Program Director for Pine Crest Hospital, a small private psychiatric facility for adults and adolescents.
Michael has had a solo private practice in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho and Spokane, Washington for many years and has had a close relationship with Innercept for nearly 15 years. Michael has a specialty in family and individual therapy with an emphasis on family and marital violence prevention and treatment. Before partially retiring, Michael was employed by the U.S. Army’s European Medical Command in Heidelberg Germany to develop and supervise a behavioral health consultation program for Primary Care Services. Michael has been an adjunct profession for The University of Idaho, Eastern Washington University, Lewis and Clark University and North Idaho College. Besides being a well-established psychotherapist, he has provided mental health education both internationally and locally.
Michael is partially retired and now works part time for Innercept leading groups and providing clinical direction and supervision as needed.