Sherri Richardson, Director of Education, Vocation & Mentoring

Director of Education, Vocation and Mentoring

Sherri has enjoyed a varied career working in both the public and private sectors.  She obtained her degree in Business Marketing and then found another passion in working in mentoring service organizations.  She has assisted employers and industry leaders to hire, train and promote and then retain those with disabilities.  She has worked with an industry leader in the non-profit realm, overseeing more than 40 mentoring sites.  She recruited and trained professionals to mentor at-risk youth.

She has many certifications including the following:

  • Public Speaker and Certified Trainer on Workplace Excellence
  • Workplace Facilitator & Master Trainer
  • Master Trainer: Executive Functioning Skills

She has volunteered for and been affiliated with Neighbors-N-Need, Board Member for North Idaho Family Group, North Idaho Education Partnership for Education in Idaho, Mentoring Leadership Collaboration of the Inland Northwest, past Kiwanis President and Historian, Economic Development Corporation Board Member, Goodwill Industries, etc.

Sherri is known for her listening and interviewing skills, her leadership style of collaboration with accountability, and her kindness.