Charlene Christman

Young Adult Intensive Team Sky Manager

Charlene or “Char” as we here know her at Innercept, started working in a role for the administrative side of Innercept. Her passion she found really was working directly with the residents in our programs. She began working at the Young Adult Intensive Program as a direct care staff, and then went on to work on other campuses. Char soon realized that this was exactly what she was to be doing. She enjoys working with the residents to encourage them as she mentors and guides them, while showing them she supports them in their journey.

Char has moved to working at the Stabilization portion of the program as a Lead Staff, where she was directly involved with the Young Adults who entered a crisis and needed some time to recover or work to enable them to re-boot. Currently Char is the Young Adult Team Sky Manager. Char is a respected member of the Innercept team, and always has a positive attitude, making connections easily with the residents.

Prior to Innercept, she was involved in a recovery program as well as mentoring women. Char home-schooled her two children, and choose employment opportunities where she could directly serve others. Char likes spending time outdoors and time with horses. She also enjoys spending time with her two grandchildren.