Chuck Selent


Chuck has over 17 years of law enforcement experience as a veteran level one reserve Sheriff Deputy and Police Officer. He has been a private investigator for the last several years and the Executive Officer of his own adolescent and young adult transport and crisis intervention service. Chuck has over 25 years’ experience working in diversified areas with “at risk” adolescents. For 12 of those years, he was a Regional Manager for a large organization that provided crises intervention, runaway location, and special services for adolescents. Chuck has flown over a million miles successfully escorting hundreds of young people to treatment programs all over the United States.
Chuck found his calling working with runaway children.   He credits his success in the field to his strong understanding of the psychology behind de-escalation. Chuck has years of experience in passive intervention and support techniques to include CPI and the Aegis System. Chuck has been supporting Innercept with transporting residents for many years and has seen the success Innercept has with the residents. He values the philosophy that Innercept looks at the whole person during treatment and believes that is a key component for the resident’s ongoing wellness. Chuck feels it a privilege to be part of the Innercept team.
Chuck has enjoyed living and hiking in the beautiful Northwest for over 35 years. Chuck also enjoys art and looks forward to spending more time being creative. His other interest include Health and fitness and is a strong believer and advocate of health of body, mind and spirit