Jami Sturges, MPH, RD,LD

CFO, Nutritionist

Jami co-founded the Innercept program with her husband George Ullrich, in 2004.  They sought to create innovative programs that would transform the way residential treatment is delivered, as the first to use and apply an integral approach based on Integral Psychology.  Innercept utilizes the training and passions of staff such as Jami, who want to give of their knowledge and use their rapport with students and families to facilitate growth and healing.

Jami graduated with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Food and Nutrition from Pacific Union College. She then completed a Masters of Public Health in Nutrition Degree from Loma Linda University with a public health internship at San Bernardino County Public Health Department and a clinical internship at Stanford University Medical Center. While working as a Registered Dietitian at the St. Helena Hospital and Health Center, Ms. Sturges  lectured and conducted cooking classes for the McDougall Program, the Chemical Dependency Program and Smoking Cessation Program.

Jami became the Nutrition Department Director for the Behavioral Medicine Center in Redlands, California, working on the children’s unit, adolescent services and chemical dependency unit. Since relocating to the Pacific Northwest in 1993, she has consulted with Kootenai Behavioral Health Center, working with patients who have eating issues and weight concerns. She has been committed to the treatment of eating disorders for the past fifteen years and has done public speaking and in-services to health professionals on this topic, working to educate people on the myths and appropriate treatment modalities effective with this population.

Ms. Sturges’ is deeply committed to using food as medicine.  Her dedication to comprehensive assessment, treatment and follow up was her motivation to create an environment where adolescents and young adults could experience a healthy balance between the realms of diet, exercise, personal reflection and education. Her clinical experience with drug-nutrient interactions and psychotropic medications, weight management, body image work and the overall impact of nutrition upon mental health stability provides Innercept with a level of specialization not usually found in the residential community.

Jami focuses on areas of Innercept having to do with wellness, as well as admissions and administrative duties.