Lynn Weirdsma

Clinical Director, Intensive/Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Director – Intensive Programs; Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Lynn Wierdsma is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with specialties in Family Forensics and Neuropsychology as well as extensive experience in Trauma Informed and Trauma Focused treatment. After volunteering for a crisis hotline in her community, Dr. Wierdsma was motivated to obtain a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Using diverse models ranging from neurofeedback to animal assisted therapy, Dr. Wierdsma worked in teen group homes, Child Protective Services, Juvenile Probation and Juvenile Hall on the Central Coast in California. She also served as an adjunct professor during this time for the Clinical Psychology Master’s program at Antioch University, Santa Barbara; teaching courses in Psychological Assessment and Family Therapy.

These experiences generated curiosity about the intersection of mental health and the legal system and led her to pursue a doctorate in that arena. Dr. Wierdsma further deepened her practice in the areas of Risk Assessment, Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Moral Reconation Therapy while working in both community mental health and multiple adult correctional facilities. The combination of acute mental health and behavioral health issues within the same residential population gave her an appreciation for a more holistic approach to treatment; learning that clients who address their physical health, recreation, relationships, values, and spirituality, in addition to more traditional clinical topics, have deeper and more lasting effects from treatment. Thus came an appreciation for the power of a cross-disciplinary, multifaceted approach to treatment.


Energized by these experiences, the stage was set for Dr. Wierdsma to join Innercept. She was excited by their focus on young individuals on the cusp of crisis but with great potential to be successful in life. She was further drawn to the diverse panel of professionals on the team and the great potential for clinical resources and learning this represented. Returning to the population of adolescents and young adults closest to her heart, combined with the warm family feeling of a team committed to practicing what they teach, felt like a recipe for success both professionally and personally.

In her personal life Dr. Wierdsma spends time with her therapy parrot, cats, and a flock of chickens at her home on 10 acres in the Idaho woods. Recalling her years as a wildlife rehabilitator and a Biologist, she cultivates botanical and wildlife diversity on her property, dubbed “Porcupine Acres.” Dr. Wierdsma enjoys a variety of activities such as writing, singing, and reading, along with a lifelong love of hiking, kayaking, and bicycling with her family who live in the nearby states of Washington and Montana.